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T'aint no sin to take off your skin and dance around in your bones.

linda saboe
20 February 1951
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I started this journal as a way of staying in touch with friends and people who interest me and to read what interests them. I think though, that this journal is evolving into a place where I use art to connect all the scattered dots of the things that occur to me. I very much believe that we create art as a way of expressing how we feel about the things that are important to us, influence us, or touch us for good or ill. So even though the piece of art looks like a bird or rabbit or a twisted lump of clay, it really is a statement on the nature of things, a window into a soul, a glint in the eye of a god.

Art is delightful, sobering, amusing, scary, and full of quirks. In other words, art is primarily about creatively uncovering the truth. In all things, even in lies and fabrications, there is a seed of truth. We need to keep sifting to find that truth, but then we end up with a huge pile of shit to deal with. I choose to compost it, turn it into soil, plant more seeds of truth and decorate it with drawings and statues.